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Sarah Peacock

BSc Human Physiology (Uni. of Leeds)

MSc Physiotherapy (Brunel University)

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy (Herman & Wallace)

Acupuncture (AACP)

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Sarah is a UK-trained physiotherapist with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from Brunel University. She has undertaken post graduate training in pelvic floor physiotherapy (Herman & Wallace, USA), and acupuncture (AACP, UK). Sarah worked in the UK in the NHS for 2 years before moving to Kenya in 2018. These initial years of NHS work equipped Sarah with the skill sets to treat a wide range of patient populations.


As one of the first cohort of pelvic health specialists in Kenya Sarah is committed to raising awareness and education for pelvic health issues to improve accessibility to treatment. Working with pre and postnatal women to empower them through their pregnancy journey and into motherhood is an aspect of work which she really enjoys.


Sarah has a holistic approach to patient care, always ensuring an individualised and patient-centred approach to rehabilitation, to maximise functional, physical and mental well-being. Sarah specialises in treating pelvic health conditions, pregnancy related conditions (pre and post-natal), musculoskeletal (including manual therapy, acupuncture, sports massage, and orthopaedic rehabilitation), respiratory (including chronic respiratory disease management and cardiac rehabilitation) and neurological patients. Home visits are available on request.

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