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Damaris Kang'ai Musera


BSc. Sport and Exercise Science (Uni. of the Western Cape)

BSc. (Med)(Hons) Biokinetics (Uni. of Cape Town)

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Damaris is a Biokineticist currently practicing in Nairobi, Kenya. She uses scientific exercise prescription as her main tool to prevent and rehabilitate injuries, to facilitate the return to play process and to improve athletic performance through strength and conditioning. Damaris also uses exercise therapy for other non - sports related orthopaedic injuries, for chronic and neurological disease management.


Bachelors Degree in Sport and Exercise Science (BSc), University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Honours Degree in BSc (Med)(Hons) Biokinetics, University of Cape Town Certificate in Exercise for Parkinson's Training, Brian Grant Foundation Certified Sports Massage Therapist, ETA College



Resident Biokineticist at Performance Medicine, Nairobi Kenya. Independent rehabilitation and performance consultant for Tennis Kenya athletes and Kenya paralympic shooters.Independent online orthopaedic rehabilitation with athletes and the general population in Kenya, Ireland, US and Italy.

Part time sports scientist and assistant for BioMechaniX Biokinetics practice in Cape Town, South Africa.Part time sports scientist providing strength and conditioning for professional and amateur tennis players at Anthony Harris Tennis Academy, Cape Town.

Independent contractor sports massage therapist for EPT (South Africa) providing services at mountain biking and trail running events like Wines 2 Whales and Tankwa

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