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Pediatric Physiotherapy

We are specialised in examining and treating children from birth to age 18 who have problems with their posture, with movements and with performing physical activities.

It’s our passion to bring out the best in every child, to help them reach optimal independence and adequate physical functioning within his or her abilities, in a fun and stimulating environment.

Examples of conditions affecting a child that can be treated by a paediatric physiotherapist are:

- Neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Bifida and neuropathies
- Orthopaedic disorders such as Scoliosis and Club foot
- Genetic disorders like Down syndrome and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
- Birth trauma’s such as Erb’s Palsy or clavicula fracture
- Rehabilitation after a trauma, surgery or cancer treatment
- Sports injuries
- Stress and (chronic) pain complaints
- Babies with asymmetrical development
- Colic babies
- Developmental delay or not age-appropriate motor skills (dyspraxia, DCD)
- Abnormal gaits such as flat feet, toeing-in or Toe-walking
- Fear of movement
- Obesity
- Motor problems in combination with behavioural problems such as ASD and ADHD


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