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Ashley Kibutha

Registered Dietitian

Licensed Dietitian


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Ashley is an award winning, registered dietitian with nearly 10 years of experience and demonstrated history of working in the supermarket industry with retail partners. She is a strong healthcare services professional skilled in weight loss coaching, chronic disease prevention and management, allergies and general nutrition with proven nutrition expertise in nutrition programing, recipe creation and execution, corporate wellness, staff management, strategic planning and meeting the goals of the greater organization.

In October of 2012, Ashley became the first Supermarket Dietitian for Coborn’s Grocery Stores, supermarket chain with 125 locations throughout the Midwest, supporting the central MN area. In this position, she offered nutrition education to the community including local business, schools, and gyms; performed cooking demonstrations; led grocery store tours; and provided personal consultations that include meal planning and personal shopping. In 2016, Ashley was promoted to Supermarket Registered Dietitian Manager, overseeing the Supermarket Registered Dietitian program for Coborn’s Inc.

 In this role, she led innovations with the fresh directors and collaborations with the pharmacy team as well as creating and managing the Dietitian’s Choice and Food Facts shelf tag program. Ashley chaired the Coborn’s Inc. employee wellness committee and corporate wellness programming which included 9,000+ employees. She ensured that all supermarket dietitian initiatives are science based and held to a high level of integrity.  Ashley collaborated with community wellness leaders by playing an active role in a variety of health initiatives throughout the central Minnesota region; one of which lead to a 28% decrease in BMI of preteens in central MN.

Presently, Ashley is pursuing her career as a Registered Dietitian consultant in Kenya. Ashley is an American expat, with two boys, Amani and Bakari. In her spare time she enjoys, living an active lifestyle hiking in the forest, biking, enjoying nature, cooking new and innovative meals and recipes, trying new foods-especially foreign cuisines, learning Kiswahili, grocery shopping, baking with her children, doing puzzles, having intellectual conversations over coffee, reading books of empowerment, personal blogging, and travel. “Change is inevitable, growth is optional” “a mind that is awakened by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions”

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